I hate abortion. It is murder. And your government even supports it here and in other countries! Stop it. Tell Americans to turn from their wicked ways.

I hate welfare. If a man will not work he will not eat. Stop it. Give it back to the man who earned it. The hunger of the man who cannot eat will motivate him to work. A free check motivates him to walk away from life, destroying his spirit, soul and mind.

I hate governments that tax only the successful, stealing uneven percentages of money from one to give to another. Look at MY tithe. I took 10% from everyone, rich or poor. All are expected to work, except those who cannot - not will not. Each man and woman must participate and contribute taxes to their government or they will not hold any value for their country, because they had no part in building it. We love and care for what we own, and each person, paying our part for it, gives each of us ownership and pride in the country we help to build. If we receive our income by taking from others, who are being forced to give up their income for us, WE are guilty of being thieves, with a felony upon our heart and soul. If you do not pay for this country, you have no right to vote for the leadership of this country. You have invested nothing and deserve no rights.
Take away the vote from those who pay no taxes or take a welfare check until they begin to participate once again.

I hate those who live and vote their race or skin color. I have created all men equal. Putting your race first makes you an enemy of all other races. Forget about your race and cultural traditions. They have nothing to do with you. As a Christian, you don't need to know who your ancestors were or what they did. You are in a new family now. The family of God. You only have to know who you are in ME. The old things keep you from moving ahead with ME. Old things are passed away. All things are made new in Jesus Christ. Live in the culture of
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