In a democracy, the government is a direct reflection of the nature of its people. You vote for those who will give you what you want. I have turned you over to your own ways. I have given you what you wanted. You are on your own. You are in control. You shall receive the just harvest of the seeds you have sown.

You have no desire to do things MY way. I have been patient long enough, waiting for you to come back to ME, but you will not. So, I have given you leaders who will do it your way. But they will take full advantage of your selfishness.

You have become a nation of White-Eyes. People so completely self centered the pupils of your eyes are always turned around in their sockets, looking inward. When others look at your face, all they can see is the whites of your eyes. All you can see is yourself.

White-Eyes instantly recognize each other and stand together, and the politicians, like a swarm of starving vultures can pick out White-Eyes to prey on. All they have to do is promise the White-Eyes something for nothing and they have their vote instantly, whether that promise is ever kept or not. The crooked politicians are all White-Eyes too.

White-Eyes thinking has nothing to do with ME.

These politicians will take full advantage of you to hold power and wealth of their own. Their heart is not with you, just as your heart is not with me. Their heart is for themselves as your heart is for yourself. They will take from you, use you and abuse you as you have taken from ME, used and abused ME. You will not get what you want from them as I have not gotten what I want from you. You are reaping what you have sowed. You are on your own. Observe the signs of your times and REPENT, stop doing wrong and do right, MY way, now before it is too late. Cry out to ME. I am still here for you. But you must repent and turn again to ME. And - you must do it now.

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