adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

Husbands, you do not love your wives as Christ loved the Church. You do not treat her with the love, patience, gentleness and the respect I require from you. You do not cherish her as your most precious gift. Seek out and learn your role, your purpose in marriage and carry it out as I require. Your wife's relationship with you will reflect your relationship with ME. As you worship ME, as you submit to ME and obey MY laws and instructions - and the personal direction in which I lead you - and you lead your wife and family in obedience to ME and MY love, you will see peace, love, joy, provision, and power in your lives. Your nation is merely a reflection of the state of your walk with me, your marriage and your family. As you live as a man, husband and father - so goes your neighborhood, city, state and your nation.

Wives, you do not respect, obey and serve your husband in the same way you are to respect Christ. Every time you berate, cut down, gossip about, scream at and curse your husband, you curse ME. Your husband is your leader, your chain of authority directly from ME. An office given to him by ME. You must subject yourself to your husband. Your children (and all around you) learn respect for authority by watching you submit to your authority. If you do not submit to him, you have no authority, because all authority comes through ME and my chain of authority. What I want from you is a gentle and quiet spirit and submission, which you attain by spending much time with ME. Not the arrogant, quick mouthed, sharp tongued, independent, hardened woman of today. As you obey and serve your authority, you obey and serve ME. As you live as a woman, wife and mother - so goes your neighborhood, city, state and your nation.
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