nothing but time to indulge yourself every minute of the day, at someone else's expense.

We (meaning the welfare government check bunch, whether they claim to be Christian or not) are the new Royalty. The kings and queens who live off the backs of the taxpayer without contributing a penny. Stolen money is sweet, and yes, we ride in pride above the working class, who sweat and toil for us. We laugh at the struggle every rush hour watching the working class fight the traffic, slaving away at 2 or 3 jobs, as we sip our wine and kick back, watching our flat screen TV, in air conditioned comfort, eating the food the peasants produce for us - and they are paying for it all. Even doctors and lawyers have to give sway to us when we are sick or in trouble. And it is all FREE! Paid for by the people who produce all we are given!

Yes we, the government check bunch, live on top of the world - - - until our soul rots, we die mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically - and all we can think to do is go back to the mob boss politician to have him steal more money from others to give to us - because there is nothing else in life for us except the anticipation of having a little more money so we can go buy something new to make us happy.

And our society, strength, political systems and country decays beyond recognition.

And to you wealthy FWAC. There are no wealthy Christians. 2 Cor 8:10-15. God requires equality. They that gathered much didn't have too much and he who gathered little did not have too little. Look at Jesus. He was your perfect example of a Pastor and Christian leader. What did HE have? Only the love for his Father that led HIM to be broken bread and poured out wine for us. Worldly things he had none and neither did the early Apostles and Disciples.

If you are following a rich, powerful, preacher seeking to be a rich, powerful Christian yourself,
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