we must deal with as people. First - you work to meet your needs (food, housing, clothing, transportation, etc), and if you have any money left over you can consider putting some of it into your wants (let's say a TV). Then, maybe, just maybe, if there is ever enough left over, you can have one or two of your desires as well (maybe a color TV instead of black and white, steak instead of tuna casserole).

In our current culture, Americans simply skip over all the basics and go straight to cravings, which wasn't even on the list.

"We shouldn't have to work for the basics," we now believe. "That is mundane, normal stuff that we all deserve to live. I work for my fun!"

Americans must have all the latest gadgets, frills, luxuries and personal pleasures, (you know what they are, those things God has been trying to work out of you to get you to spend time with HIM) Our pleasures and pride are a must, even if we have to go without some necessities or go into debt to get them.

Credit cards, birth control, abortion, the internet and advanced acid reducers have allowed us to live out all of our foul cravings, deepest darkest fantasies and force feed our stomachs to obesity without even getting heartburn.  Our body screams for satisfaction - we leap up and follow - no matter where it leads us. We absolutely must please the flesh and be a part of the proud, worldly order of things, to have a high position that is respected by the other FWAC's (Fleshly Worldly American Christians) or anyone of the world.

We must look important and together. "Important and Together" comes from our outward appearance, what we have and how high a level of indulgence we can attain - not the condition of our spirit or soul. We have been reduced to fighting for pecking order, to show the world who is the strongest, highest, best - in a pack of wolves. In 2010, our world has reverted back to a caveman societal model of
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