our imaginations, entertainments and dreams, to focus completely on pleasing ourselves.

Feelings, pride and position are all that we care about. The higher our position from which to look down upon others is all that matters. The better car, home, big screen TV, sound system, high speed computer, lavish, luxury, entertainment, fun, foul, tingles, travel, leisure time, money, cash, coin, sex, indulgence, lust, I must have, I must have, I must have so I can be perceived as good, better, best, because I am the worst, and know it. I am foul, depraved, profane, gluttonous, indulgent and drunk in anything that makes me feel good. I seek, knock, ask and cry out to God for my fleshly, worldly desires, things, health, riches and honor - but care not for my Lord - only his gifts, blessings, presents, wealth, but want it with no strings attached that create any responsibility for me.

A far cry from, Luke 9:23 23 And HE was saying to them all, "IF anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily (kill all self desire every day) and follow ME."

God's sweet Spirit keeps calling me, prompting me to come to HIM. To serve HIM. To love HIM. To do what I was created for. I deeply want to be God's man or woman, to do what HE has put me here to do, to glorify HIM, but dust I am and to dust I shall return and dirt seems to be all I want. Dirt is what I am drawn to. Foul is the fragrance I love. Pride is the feeling I crave. We all want to be king or queen, because the king or queen can have anything they want and no one would dare say anything about it. The dirt of Kings and Queens is OK. It is everyone else's dirt that is sinful. NO - King and Queen is still somehow not quite enough. We want to be God! (Like Satan did and still does.)

Anything that pleases us, that makes our dirt, feel good or better than everyone else's dirt, is OK for almighty me. Sex, food, drink and pride
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