most important part - we actually obey and do it. That is faith, that is being a son or daughter of God. That is righteousness. Now God owns you. Now God can release HIS power through you. Now you are an instrument of Christ. Now you can change the world through HIM.

IF - however - you continue to live like the heathen, seeking your own pride and pleasures, not giving up your wicked ways (and each of us knows what they are), compromising everything in your life because you like it, it feels good. If you refuse to develop your relationship with the Lord by spending time, lots of time with HIM, you are not pleasing HIM. You need time spent alone with HIM, not listening to CD's, listening to radio or TV preachers. That doesn't count. You need face to face time to develop your relationship with your Lord.

Yes, Bible reading is critical and is part of it, but face to face time is equally, if not more important, because it allows you to fall in love with your Lord through the work of the Holy Spirit. Talking to HIM, worshiping HIM and listening to HIM to the point where you can finally hear HIS voice leading you in what to do. Once you get there, you have arrived at the place where you are now the person HE can use to release HIS power through. But once you are there, you must be willing to do what HE tells you to do, or HE will stop speaking to you.

If you are not there yet, you are no better than a heathen. You are powerless and are a larger part of the problem in this nation than the actual heathen. WHY? Because you have the source of power within you, the Holy Spirit, and you have chosen to lock HIM out of your life so you can continue to pursue your own pleasure.

God has chosen you for this very moment in time, to do HIS will as part of HIS plan, and you have chosen to go AWOL, ditched school, left work without permission, because you wanted to play instead of do the work you have been assigned to save this nation. The enjoyment of your sin is far more important than the welfare of the
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