God's eyes range throughout the earth looking for someone, anyone (HE doesn't care if you are Joe the janitor or Wanda the washer woman - in other words, you don't have to be brilliant, beautiful, rich, educated or powerful - just submitted and obedient to HIM) He wants anyone, who is willing to give up self, to seek HIM, to say YES to HIM and get out of the way, so HE can pour HIS power through them! Anyone - anyone who is willing to please God rather than themselves God can use mightily to do HIS work. (Are you in a wheelchair or paralyzed? You can be more powerful than the mightiest army in the world.)

Such a completely submitted, obedient Christian will often never even know the monumental part they had to play in the salvation of a person, the healing of a friend or the complete turnaround of our country. For all they knew, they were simply lifting up prayers to God, often prayers that God HIMSELF prompted inĀ  their spirit (and God chose them because they belonged to HIM, they were listening and they were available), and, when they prayed, HE heard their prayer because they were that one Christian of obedience and righteousness - and God responded to their prayer by unleashing HIS angels, HIS healing and HIS blessings upon some person in need, some situation or upon the very reclamation of our country.

Countless souls and lives saved, people healed and families, cities, states and nations changed because one - just one - Christian decided to be available to God. The one HE was looking for, to be HIS alone, to be obedient and righteous, so God could unleash HIS power through them and change the world to glorify HIMSELF.

Such a Christian is used mightily of God while the rest of us are busy pleasing ourselves with some activity that shuts out the sweet, loving whispers of the Holy Spirit. We can't even hear HIS call, let alone answer with deep, serious, powerful, answerable prayer. We still live in the world. We still live like the heathen.
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