they adopted other gods and worshiped them and served them; therefore He has brought all this adversity on them."

In this scripture, God gives a warning of what will happen to Israel and HIS own Temple, IF they do not follow HIM and HIS ways.

IF is the most powerful word in the Bible. HE tells us IF we follow HIM and HIS ways, we will be blessed. IF we follow our own ways, we will be cursed. But it is not all for and about us. HE wants to use us for HIS purpose, HIS ministry, HIS glory in this earth. To live the full Christian life we must find our life in HIM and obey and serve HIM through obedience to what HE tells us to do every day. That is HIS plan for us.

Will God take out America? You bet HE will IF we don't change toward HIM. History shows us that HE did take out Israel and destroyed even HIS own Temple. IF HE did that to HIS own, Chosen People, HE will do it to us as well, for we have chosen not to be HIS people by not living HIS way. By not being obedient.

Father God destroyed HIS own Temple once Jesus had died. There was no longer the need for a Temple of sacrifice. Jesus was the one and only sacrifice. The last and final sacrifice to appease God for all our sin.

Today, we who have received Jesus' sacrifice for our sin - we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It is time that we start living like a Holy Temple of God, and allow him, through our sacrifice of self, by getting out of HIS way, that we allow HIM to serve, love and work HIS power through us for HIS glory and honor. This is the whole purpose of man.
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