You live under the new covenant. The covenant of Jesus Christ. Your battles are won or lost in prayer, worship and obedience to ME. If you come to ME, diligently, humbly, and seek those things that are approved of by ME, you will have them and be blessed. Your prayers heard and answered IF you are part of MY family.

Have you accepted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, MY Son, as your only payment for sin? If not, you are not even a member of MY family. Instead, you have rejected Christ and are an enemy to all that I am. If Christ is your Lord, you are a member of MY family. Get to know your family by reading my Word, the Holy Bible, and coming to ME often, many times a day and speak to ME, listen for MY voice, and obey.

Obedience to ME and MY ways is the secret to life. It is what I created you for. Do as I command and your life, your family and your country will be restored. Trust in ME. Do Not Wait. Do It Now While You Have Time To Turn The Tide Of Destruction That Is Already In Process. Only I Can Stop It. You Must Repent And Turn To Me Now!

I have had MY fill or America's rebellion. MY blessed USA has turned from ME to worship other gods, to worship self and I have had enough. REPENT or lose all you have. Change your ways, your family, your thoughts and your desires. Make your desire for ME and ME alone and you will be saved.

Turn from your wicked ways and I will make you MINE. I will lift you up again in the palm of MY hand to protect, provide and bless you with MY joy. But it must be MY way, not your way. Seek ME and I will be found. Follow ME, not the prosperity teachers who tease your ears, hearts and souls with ways to meet your highest goals as a FWAC. You must worship ME in spirit and in truth. You must be MINE.

I, the writer of this message - am Jonah. America has become Nineveh who is about to be destroyed. I have run from God. I have been the FWAC. HE has caught me to declare to this nation, this people and to me - REPENT AND LIVE -or- REBEL AND DIE. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

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