Come to ME with your requests when things fall short. I will tell you if it is a worthy request or it is out of line. It is you and ME. I tell you what to do. Follow and stand with ME alone and you will find your peace, joy and perfect way. What do you have to do with ME if you live like and vote for people who ignore and fight all that I stand for. Walk away from special interest groups and vote only for those who follow ME and your nation will be saved.

Let the heathen hate and divide. You, Christian, are to be unified in ME. To love and treat all as more important than yourself, no matter what race they are.

Muslims are here to kill you. Trust them not. All who hate ME are your enemy. Pray for them.

There are many other things that can be found in MY written Word, the Holy Bible, that you must know and follow. Be a serious student of it. You will find life there.

There is no god before ME. I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through ME (Jesus Christ). ALL OTHER RELIGIONS, PHILOSOPHIES, AND LIFESTYLES ARE  FALSE - AND WILL DESTROY YOU! Jesus Christ ALONE Is Lord.

I gave you a free country from which you can live for ME and worship ME in peace. I did it in answer to the prayers of those who founded this nation, and I blessed it above all other nations because Americans remembered and worshiped ME.

But you, the decedents of these same founders - and foreigners who have come here for the blessings - you refuse to do what I command to strengthen the very country that gives these blessings to you. It is you who have grown cold, careless and are too busy playing and pleasing yourself to be even slightly concerned that your nation is being destroyed from within. You are the cause.
Black Type - Author, Green Type - Scripture, Red Type - The Lord

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