I represent everything I am going to write about. I have been the Fleshly Worldly American Christian (FWAC). I am, and have been, the cause of the problems in America. I am writing this to myself. And God is writing it to you and me. This is for anyone and everyone who calls themselves a Christian. If you hear and obey, you can save America.

It is you Christian, that has within your hand, the power to save or destroy this country through the choices you make in your own personal behavior - and your choice to worship your God or yourself. Notice, I did not say our self. When anyone says - our - we all let someone else do it. THIS IS FOR YOU CHRISTIAN - AND YOU ALONE! You are responsible for what is about to be said here and it is you alone who will be responsible for the final outcome of our nation. You can save America!

Blessings or destruction are in your hand - no one else's. Take this very seriously. It is real. It is true. It is from the Lord, for you, at this moment in time. This is what is required of you. The destiny of the United States of America will be determined based on how you respond to what you read right here and apply it to your life right now. And just so there is no confusion - about 90% of all Americans who call themselves Christians are FWAC's. Many don't have the slightest idea what a Christian even is.

Why Is This Message For Christians Only?
Because heathens have no power.

Heathens, meaning anyone who denies Christ or is under any religion that does not worship and believe that Christ alone is Lord and Savior. Heathens have no power. They are slaves to self, slaves to sin, slaves to Satan. They can
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